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A gentleman & a scholar the likes of whom I was fortunate enough to have sung & performed live with on last autumn's HALL & OATES tour....
a reluctant superhero who slowly warmed-up to the portrait lens in what none of us could have forseen as his final months.

Gone too soon.

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Guestbook for T-BONE WOLK : From the Juan Patino Archives
Juan, what a gorgeous tribute. I am an H&O fan from way back, and I was deeply saddened to hear this news. Beautiful photos and music -- a fitting farewell to a wonderful guy. Thanks.
6.ed strickland(non-registered)
thank you so very much for this most beautiful tribute...i still cannot accept the fact that he is gone. he inevitably will live on whenever and wherever h&o music is played. i feel so fortunate to have seen him perform one last time about a year ago when they were in town(melbourne,fl). god bless him, his family and of course daryl and john during this very sad time. i suppose in some ways this takes me back to the loss of janna allen. again, why do the good die so young? as john made reference to, there is one hell of a band now playing in heaven! thanks again juan.
5.Allan Marks(non-registered)
Its some weeks since this tragic news. I must say that seeing these photos brought tears to my eyes. I live here in Sydney Australia and I had the good fortune of seeing T Bone play with Darryl and John in london in the early 90s and here in Sydney also. The photos show the face of a guy who truly lived the dream of what he loved doing and is clearly adored by the people he worked with. Rare in the music business.
We all go at some point of something, but why does it have to happen so prematurely to the good guys.
Great work Juan for capturing the essence of special guy who I never met but feel I knew.
What a beautiful tribute. It brought me to tears and I only knew of him recently. You did an amazing job. He will be missed even by those of us who didn't know him personally but enjoyed his music and incredible talent. God Bless.
What great photos of a great person! T-Bone was very special to many. He will be sadly missed. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful photos of T-Bone w/his adoring fans. It must have been an honor to know him!