Juan Patino Photography | EP
For one afternoon in the Spring of 2010 -

2 brothers converged in a makeshift NYC photo studio:
One of them a Photographer,
the other a handsome swimsuit model.

Click below to witness how they switched roles and found themselves equally comfortable on the otherside of the lens.

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EPP_7735 Eduardo D3  -JuanPatino PhotoEPP_7738 Eduardo D3  -JuanPatino PhotoEPP_7741 Eduardo D3  -JuanPatino PhotoEPP_7743 Eduardo D3  -JuanPatino PhotoEPP_7744 Eduardo D3  -JuanPatino PhotoEPP_7749 Eduardo D3  -JuanPatino PhotoEPP_7750 Eduardo D3  -JuanPatino PhotoEPP_7751 Eduardo D3  -JuanPatino PhotoEPP_7754 Eduardo D3  -JuanPatino PhotoEPP_7755 Eduardo D3  -JuanPatino PhotoEPP_7760 Eduardo D3  -JuanPatino PhotoEPP_7769 Eduardo D3  -JuanPatino PhotoEPP_7771 Eduardo D3  -JuanPatino Photo.jpg_effected