Juan Patino Photography | Samantha Solo Portrait

INNOCENCE & JOY: The Most Beautiful Girl In The World


The most highly anticipated Kid Portrait in the history of Child Photography.

Attached below are the final (40) images -
some treated, some raw, some were on their way out to Black & White.

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_DSC6065 Samantha  -JuanPatino Photo_DSC6207 Samantha  -JuanPatino Photo_DSC6148 Samantha  -JuanPatino Photo_DSC5988 Samantha  -JuanPatino Photo_DSC6057 Samantha  -JuanPatino Photo_DSC6142 Samantha  -JuanPatino Photo_DSC6215 Samantha  -JuanPatino Photo_DSC6209 Samantha  -JuanPatino Photo_DSC6047 Samantha  -JuanPatino Photo_DSC5989 Samantha  -JuanPatino Photo_DSC6026 Samantha  -JuanPatino Photo_DSC5991 Samantha  -JuanPatino Photo_DSC6182 Samantha  -JuanPatino Photo_DSC6049 Samantha  -JuanPatino Photo_DSC6015 Samantha  -JuanPatino Photo_DSC6036 Samantha  -JuanPatino Photo_DSC6121 Samantha  -JuanPatino Photo_DSC6032 Samantha  -JuanPatino Photo_DSC6226 Samantha  -JuanPatino Photo_DSC6160 Samantha  -JuanPatino Photo